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Empowering Women Through The Power of Makeup


Glam Artistry is the creator of The Glam Class — a hands on interactive makeup class taught by Certified Makeup Artists' Aimee Parker and Gretzie Parth.   

The Glam Class is a three hour class; the first hour is a makeup demo performed on a model, followed by two hours for the students to recreate the makeup look on themselves. The Glam Class is an amazing opportunity for women of all ages to learn how to create a makeup look that compliments their inner beauty. 


The Glam Class strives to empower women through the power of makeup. Gretzie and Aimee are dedicated to making every student they encounter feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful throughout the class.

What differentiates The Glam Class from any other makeup class is The Glam Bag: a take home bag filled with featured cosmetics and skincare products that are demonstrated throughout the class. The Glam Bag is essential to students' success as it provides them with the products needed to fulfil a makeup look during and beyond the class. 


The Glam Class operates seasonally and is also available for private group classes. To stay informed on upcoming classes or events, please follow us on Instagram & Facebook! 

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